Stationary Bike Calories Burned Calculator

Stationary Bike Calories Burned Calculator


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    How many calories can you burn in 30 minutes of cycling on the stationary bike?

    Stationary bikes are good means to burn calories and achieve your desired weight if you have a major phobia of cardio exercises. They are quick to install and anyone can shed their stubborn fat by investing a good amount of time.

    According to research, a person weighing around 155 pounds can expect to burn 250 calories in 30 minutes of riding on a stationary bike,90-100 watts, moderate to vigorous effort. Further, if you weigh anywhere around 125 pounds, the calorie loss goes down to 202. One can further accelerate their weight loss by intensifying their movements on the stationary bike. For instance, a 155-pounds person biking at 161-200 watts, vigorous effortcan lose 406 calories during an intense 30-minute session. Similarly, 125 Pounds person can lose 327 calories. By contrast, calories burned walking on a incline treadmill (3mph) will be 85 calories, and running on incline treadmill (3.5 mph) in 30 minutes will burn 198 calories.

    Obviously, calories burned in stationary cycling depends on weight,watts and duration.

    If your final objective is to lose weight rather than getting into a fitness routine, you need to simultaneously cut your calories too. If the aim is to have a healthy lifestyle, try engaging yourself in 300 minutes of moderate-intensity cycling per week. You can cut it down to 150 minutes if you prefer a more intense scale of cycling.

    Calories burned riding stationary bike for 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 mintues.

    Stationary Bike 140 lbs.- 200 lbs.

    Duration 30-50 watts 51-89 watts 90-100 watts 101-160 watts 161-200 watts 201-270 watts
    1 minute458101216
    10 Minutes39537698122156
    15 Minutes5880113147183233
    20 Minutes78107151196244311
    30 Minutes117160227293367467
    40 Minutes156213302391489622
    60 Minutes233320453587733933
    Duration 30-50 watts 51-89 watts 90-100 watts 101-160 watts 161-200 watts 201-270 watts
    1 minute469111418
    10 Minutes446186112140178
    15 Minutes6791130168210267
    20 Minutes89122173224279356
    30 Minutes133183259335419533
    40 Minutes178244345447559711
    60 Minutes2673665186718381067
    Duration 30-50 watts 51-89 watts 90-100 watts 101-160 watts 161-200 watts 201-270 watts
    1 Minute5710131620
    10 Minutes506997126157200
    15 Minutes75103146189236300
    20 Minutes100137194251314400
    30 Minutes150206291377472600
    40 Minutes200274389503629800
    60 Minutes3004115837549431200
    Duration 30-50 watts 51-89 watts 90-100 watts 101-160 watts 161-200 watts 201-270 watts
    1 minute6811141722
    10 Minutes5676108140175222
    15 Minutes83114162210262333
    20 Minutes111152216279349445
    30 Minutes167229324419524667
    40 Minutes222305432559699889
    60 Minutes33345764883810481334

    A significant reduction is also required to be made in sugar consumption. Our body can grow as addictive to sugar as a drug because it provides an instant push. However, sugar can be a major enemy if you are trying to lose weight.

    Over time, you might feel that the weight loss isn’t as drastic as it used to be in the beginning. To balance weight properly, you can then shift to a new gym or a different stationary bike. A dedicated cycling Studio is also a good place to challenge yourself. These studios keep on upgrading their bikes to intensify the movements. They may also introduce weights to make it more difficult for you.

    Calories burned stationary bike 15 mph

    It’s easy to calculate the calories burned stationary bike at speed of 10 mph or any other speed.
    Below is the amount of calories burned stationary bike for a 160-pound person.

    SpeedMETPer Minute30 Minutes
    5.5 mph3.54.4 kcal133 kcal
    9.4 mph5.87.4 kcal220 kcal
    10-11.9 mph6.88.6 kcal259 kcal
    12-13.9 mph810 kcal305 kcal
    14-15.9 mph1012.7 kcal381 kcal
    16-19 mph1215 kcal457 kcal
    >20 mph15.820 kcal602 kcal

    Calories burned stationary bike per minute = 3.5 * Your weight(in kg) * MET / 200
    For example, a person weighing 200 pounds rides on a stationary bike at speed of 10 mph. We can know that the MET value is 6.8 while riding bike at speed of 10 mph. He can burn 10.8 calories per mintue, and 324 calories in 30 mintues of biking. (3.5 * 200 * 0.45 * 6.8 / 200 = 10.8)

    If one intends to lose 5-10 pounds in one or two months through the stationary bike, how can they do so?

    Losing 5-10 pounds in a month requires two key changes to habit. First, creating a calorie defic Second, Experimenting with movements to keep yourself challenged. However, weight loss depends upon how rigorous one chooses to go, their current weight, and eating habits. It is advisable to go slow initially to avoid exclusive fatigue.

    Now, duration and resistance are key when you intend to lose weight through cycling. You can start with 15 minutes of cycling if you are a newbie. Then slowly, add fifteen more minutes once you think you can complete the first 15 easily, during the cycling session. However, most people resort to hours on these bikes without realizing that their form is inherently wrong. A wrong form does not only halt your workout progress, but it may lead to opposite results. You can also engage your core to enhance your abdominal region. This will help your ab muscles develop further.

    People often consume electrolyte drinks to increase their energy levels during the session. Although, it is important to note that even a 90-minute biking session can be concluded without consuming any additional drinks or snacks.

    One of the best ways to drastically lose weight is to combine it with a variety of movements. Tempo riding and one leg drills are a good way to enhance speed while simultaneously losing weight. Add interval duration to incorporate HIIT workout in between. Further, go multidirectional as it helps in strengthening your core muscles.

    Once you have designed your weight loss routine through the bike, it is time to up your cadence level. Cadence refers to the revolutions you undertake per minute. When being outdoor it is advisable to strictly maintain cadence level in the 60-90 rpm. However, a stationary bike is a good way to breach this level.

    Lastly, it is important to introduce constant changes to your biking sessions and diet structure. You can also try intermittent fasting on alternative days to accelerate your weight loss. Cutting alcohol consumption will also help in drastically impacting your weight.


    Compared to other workouts, is the stationary bike is a good exercise for losing fat?

    There are plenty of reasons that turn a stationary bike into a perfect means to lose weight. First of all, it is stationary. The chances of getting injured on a stationary bike are even lower than walking on a treadmill. In fact, according to a study, runners are likely to get around 144 percent more injuries than a person on a stationary bike.

    There is an immense number of possibilities to introduce variations in this form of workout. For instance, engaging your abdomen to get abs or using weights and resistance bands.

    Even if you prefer going the easy way, a session on bike engages your entire body. From your arms to abs and your thigh muscles, you name the body part and the bike will burn the calories from it. You can also tag along with your friends or listen to music that helps you release good hormones to boost your mental health.

    Even though resistance training and running on treadmills are a good way to lose weight, but they are not a long term measure. The chances of gaining weight increase significantly once you let go of your workout routine. Stationary bikes on the other hand can be alternated with mobile bikes for heading to places, in case there is a time crunch. This will help you lose weight without even realizing it. If you believe that stationary bikes are not meant for building muscles, then you need to invest a crucial time towards this equipment and see for yourself. Daily session on these bikes also positively impacts cardiovascular health and can boost your mental health. People who go for biking are also found to be having better lung health than those who do not. If you invest in a core strength program using a stationary bike, the results can transform your entire notion around stationary bikes and their ability to affect weight loss.

    Calories burned in 30 mintues of different exercise workouts (150 pounds).

    Stationary Bike (90-100 watts) : 240
    Running on a treadmill (0 incline,4 mph) : 219
    Calories burned Jumpping Jacks : 204
    Jumpping Ropes (100 skips per minute) : 418
    Elliptical machine: 168

    If I have a weak knee or an injured leg or any other kind of injury, what is your advice while riding on a stationary bike?

    Stationary bikes are way better than weight training where significant pressure gets built around your knee and leg muscles causing injuries.

    Knee injuries can occur with people who are underweight and pursue intense sessions of 1.5-2 hours on their bikes. Also, stationary bikes do the opposite job of strengthening your leg and knee muscles. However, if you have a history of knee pain, it is advisable to go slow first. Try doing some warm-up exercises beforehand. Do not go from level 1 to level 5 in a week. Let your muscles adjust to the movements rather than succumbing them to pain, Ensure that the seats of the bike are properly adjusted and your shoulders are relaxed. Do not completely straighten up your legs during the initial stages. Try having a slight bend to reduce any chances of a muscle tear or joint pain. Also, taking adequate rest in between is a prerequisite if you have been experiencing muscle pain.