Calories Burned Playing Golf (With Cart, Driving Range, Walking 9,18 holes)


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    Golf has been popular for a long time as a recreational sport. Many take up golf, mainly not as a way to burn calories, but as a way to just relax and have a good conversation with a fellow golf enthusiast.However, golf is a great way to burn calories and there are a lot of ways to increase the level of calories you burn.

    From opting to walk versus riding a cart and carrying your bag versus pulling it, there are just so many variations that can produce the caloric deficit you need to take care of those pesky love-handles.

    Calories Burned Playing Golf By a 165-pound (75 kg) Person

     MET30 Minutes1 Hour
    golf, general4.8188377
    golf, miniature, driving range3177235
    golf, using power cart3.5137275
    golf, walking, carrying clubs4.3168337
    golf, walking, pulling clubs5.3208416

    By contrast,calories burnd stationary bike in 30 minutes is around 275 calories, and calories Burned jumping rope is around 463 calories in the same amount of time.

    Golf has long been looked at as a sport reserved for the upper class and one that does not require a lot of work. But interestingly, a round of golf (18 holes) by average burns about the same amount of calories as a 30-minute workout session in the gym.

    For obvious reason, a flat course will burn fewer calories as one with a lot of hills but by average a full round will burn between 1200 to over 2000 calories depending on your weight and other variables like if you’re walking or riding a cart, if you’re carrying or pulling a cart for your clubs, etc.

    Just like with any physical activity, the more you weigh, the more calories you burn. However you play golf, whether you ride a cart or walk, you still burn a considerable amount of calories.

    Playing golf for 30 minutes for an average-sized man (198 pounds) will be burning 227 calories.

    Spending the same amount of time in the driving range will be equivalent to 142 calories for man

    Now, playing golf and using a cart to shuttle you around will still burn 165 calories for the man.

    Carrying your clubs for 30 minutes will be burning 203 calories for the man. Pulling your clubs while walking for 30 minutes, however, will burn 255 calories for men of average weight respectively.

    Realistically, however, you cannot complete a game in 30 minutes, not even 9 holes.

    A full round of golf of 18 holes, by average, takes about 4 hours with 4 golfers playing. Even playing by yourself can take about 2 hours to complete a full round of golf and 3 hours if you’re playing one on one with another golfer and if there’s a third wheel, well, that can add another 30 minutes.

    The more people playing, the longer time you have to rest but that doesn’t mean that your body has stopped burning calories. Your body is still burning calories while at rest so the numbers we are presenting here are the total calories burned over a particular amount of time.

    By average, playing golf burns 1.68 calories per one pound of bodyweight per hour if you are playing using a cart.

    If you are carrying your clubs, you will be burning 2.65 calories per pound of bodyweight per hour.

    What does this mean?

    If you weigh 198 lbs, you will burn 1000 calories if you are using a cart and 1574 calories if you are carrying your clubs in a 3 hour round of golf of 18 holes.

    If it took you 4 hours, then you will burn an additional 333 and 524 calories if you’re using a cart or carrying your clubs respectively.

    If you are just playing 9 holes, then you will burn 665 calories for using a cart and 1049 if you carry your clubs.

    With the numbers above, burning 1 pound of fat surprisingly is not that hard.

    For an averaged-sized man, a four-hour round of 18 holes will burn between 1333 calories (riding a cart) and 2120 calories (carrying your clubs).

    Considering that 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories, playing 2 rounds of golf would have burned a whole lot more than the equivalent of 1 pound of fat if you’re carrying your clubs. If you opted to use a cart, the 3 rounds will be enough. But we are talking about caloric deficit which means that this is outside what you normally take in.

    For perspective, a Tesco Beef Lasagne contains 558 calories per serving so if you played 3 rounds in a week but you took down a full serving of lasagna after every game (1674 calories total), then you’re only creating a caloric deficit of 2325 which means you fell short of your goal and that’s not to mention beer. Regular beers have 150 calories and 100 for light beers by average so you have to consider that too. Losing 1 pound is about burning more calories than you take in so you always have to keep that in mind.

    Golf is a fun way to lose those pounds but, as with any endeavor, it requires discipline. Look at it this way; you’re going to look a lot better in your PGA photo if you’re slimmer.