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    Calories burned while painting

    If you are planning a painting project, you might be curious to know exactly how many calories you can burn. The short answer is It depends.
    Anyone who has ever decided to bypass the expensive price tag that comes with a professional paint contractor knows exactly how a do-it-yourself-paint job can be. The time spent hauling gallons of paint, and rushing up and down scales must require enough calories to make at least one small hole in a person’s size. But how many during the act depends on a few factors:
    Body Mass
    An individual’s height and weight go a long way toward determining how many calories he or she will burn while painting. The Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the time passed painting, wallpapering, plastering, or scraping burns about 266 calories for a person weighing 130 pounds, 317 calories for a person weighing about 155 pounds, and 388 calories for a person weighing 173 pounds.
    Let’s face it, all painting projects aren’t the same. Slapping a coat of paint on an 8-foot by 10-foot guest room is not the same as painting the exterior of a two-story house. Obviously, if you have to navigate around trees and sloping terrain while wearing a 40-foot ladder extension, you will burn a lot more calories than someone who is cutting their hands and knees into a baseboard. with a brush.
    If you paint outside in the summer heat, you’re going to burn a lot more calories than someone painting the inside of an air-conditioned environment. This is because the human body expends a lot of energy when it is forced to cool. As your body temperature rises, your body works hard to effectively manage sweat and blood circulation so that you don’t suffer from heat exhaustion.
    Those who paint for a living are remarkably efficient at doing their jobs while saving energy. However, amateur painters must devote lots of energy towards balance and concentration. If you are not used to painting, you are likely to expend much more energy than someone who knows what they are doing.

    Painting: How Many Calories Does Painting Burn?

    The most crucial factor that flexes the calories burnt in different painting forms is the MET, the metabolic equivalents of the task. The higher intense painting burns more calories.
    You can easily calculate the number of calories consumed using this formula;

    Calories burned Per Minute = 3.5 X MET X Weight(in kg) / 200.

    Now that we know the calories burned in one mintue, calculating calories burned in 30 mintues or 1 hour of painting is easy.
    For example, a person weighing 180-pounds will burn 6.3 calories in 1 minute, and burn 191 calories in 30 minutes while painting fence, moderate effort.

    Based on this, here are some different forms of paintings:

    • Painting Walls
    • The MET of painting walls is 4.5. While painting walls, Brian, a 155-pounder could burn close to 5 calories in a minute. Also, according to the Harvard Health Publishing, calories consumption rate during an application of wallpaper or interior painting is roughly equal with painting walls.

    • Painting Furnitures or inside house painting
    • As for furniture painting or room painting, the metabolic equivalent is 3.3. This means Brian should consume 4 calories per minute. Compared to the former, the effort invested in this process is quite moderate. Thus, you consume fewer calories painting furniture or a room.

    • Painting outside house
    • in the process of making the Chimney or whichever exterior parts of your house, you can set a lot of calories ablaze. The metabolic equivalents in this task is 5. This means while trying to make the outer part of his house look attractive, Brian can consume 6 calories in a minute.

    • Painting Fence
    • Another great form of burning fat through painting. The MET is 4.5. as simple as it might look, asides from improving your home value, it keeps you in better shape.

    • Painting Ceiling
    • The work rate involved in painting a ceiling amounts to 4.5 MET. So a person weighing 180-pound will burn about 6.4 calories per minute (3.5 X 4.5 X 180 X 0.45/200).

    • Painting a Picture or Art
    • The MET for painting a picture, sculpture, or any sought of thing is 1.8. Definitely, discouraging compared to the other option. Considering how calm, relaxed, and attentive you are while painting a picture, your work rate can’t be as close as Brian who’s climbing ladders, stretching and sweating profusely.

    Is Painting a Good Exercise?

    If you’ve been involved in a DIY painting session then you understand, the stress speaks for itself. In this process, you are consuming unwanted calories in your body. Your house doesn’t get to be attractive alone; it also keeps you in shape.
    In terms of its efficiency, it counts as a good exercise. However, unlike your regular exercise activities, painting is a ceremonial activity. You don’t get to paint every time; it only happens once in a while and for a precise reason of which is definitely not to keep fit.
    Painting involves flexing your muscles, climbing ladders, stretching, and so on. Of course, it is an exercise, but I doubt its credibility of being a good exercise mainly because of consistency. If you need to blaze away fat in your body, then an event that takes place once in a blue moon might not just be your best bet except, you’re planning on being a full-time painter.
    Just maybe it might take out as many calories than walking with moderate effort, but you can at least walk every day. From the point of view of burning calories, painting is not a good exercise for effectively consuming calories.