Calories Burned Jogging (in Place)

Sedentary behaviors are more and more common in today’s world, with many of us spending more than half of waking day expending little energy (≤1.5 METs]) in sitting. [1]

Jogging is becoming more and more popular for many people because of its moderate or higher intensity and low fatigue rate.
Regular moderate or vigorous activity such as brisk walking or jogging could improve cardiorespiratory fitness and decrease the metabolic syndrome (MS) risk. [2]
In fact, several studies have proven that jogging among men and women increase life expectancy. [3]
the speed human preferably transition from walking to running (Preferred Transition Speed or PTS) is 5.9- 7.9 km/h [4]
Slow jogging was defined as a jog at a slower speed than PTS (<8 km/h or <5 mph) for beginners, and running at a lower speed than at the lactate threshold in athletes. [5]

In addition, jogging can help burn lots of calories for weight loss.
According to the 2011 2011 Compendium [6], jogging has a MET value from 4.5 to 8.0, and can be classfied as moderate to vigorous physical activity.
Calories burned during jogging at speed of 3-5 km/h (around 1.9-3.1 mph) is 1.7 times higher than that for walking at the same speed. There’s no difference exists in perceived exertion for walking and jogging at the same speed.[7]

Calories burned jogging in place

A 150 pounds (68 kg) person jogging in place for 30 minutes will burn 285 Calories, and 517 calories burned for 1 hour. This is good news for someone who is interested in losing weight by the way of jogging in place.


How many calories burned jogging 1 mile, 2 miles, or 3 miles.

Light joggers had a slow or average pace, approximately 4 miles per hour. A 165-pound person jogging 1 mile can burn up to 191 calories, 2 miles are around 381 calories in 30 minutes, 3 miles are 572 calories in 45 minutes of jogging.
Calories burned jogging at speed of 4mph by distance and weight.

Distance130 lbs140 lbs150 lbs160 lbs170 lbs180 lbs190 lbs200 lbs210 lbs220 lbs
1 mile93 kcal100 kcal107 kcal114 kcal121 kcal129 kcal136 kcal143 kcal150 kcal157 kcal
1.5 miles139 kcal150 kcal161 kcal171 kcal182 kcal193 kcal204 kcal214 kcal225 kcal236 kcal
2 miles186 kcal200 kcal214 kcal229 kcal243 kcal257 kcal271 kcal286 kcal300 kcal314 kcal
2.5 miles232 kcal250 kcal268 kcal286 kcal304 kcal321 kcal339 kcal357 kcal375 kcal393 kcal
3 miles279 kcal300 kcal321 kcal343 kcal364 kcal386 kcal407 kcal429 kcal450 kcal472 kcal
3.5 miles325 kcal350 kcal375 kcal400 kcal425 kcal450 kcal475 kcal500 kcal525 kcal550 kcal
4 miles371 kcal400 kcal429 kcal457 kcal486 kcal514 kcal543 kcal572 kcal600 kcal629 kcal
5 miles464 kcal500 kcal536 kcal572 kcal607 kcal643 kcal679 kcal714 kcal750 kcal786 kcal
6 miles557 kcal600 kcal643 kcal686 kcal729 kcal772 kcal814 kcal857 kcal900 kcal943 kcal

How many calories does jogging burn in 30 minutes and 1 hour?

A person weighing 165-pound can burn up to 314 calories in 30 minutes of jogging in place, and around 629 calories per hour. At the same, walking at speed of 4.5 mph (7.2 km/h), level, firm surface, very, very brisk can burn 550 calories in 1 hour.

Exercise Type METsCalories / Per minute10 Minutes
20 Minutes
30 Minutes
1 hour
on a mini-tramp
jog/walk combination
(jogging component of
less than 10 minutes)
jogging, general7.09.292183275550
jogging, in place8.010.5105210314629

Based on a 165-pound (75kg) person.

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    7Kitajima Y, Sasaki Y, Tanaka H (2014) Similar perceived exertion during slow jogging at walking speed. Journal of Running Science 25: 19-27