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    How many calories can a 30 minute Dance Cardio session burn?

    A Dance Cardio workout is an extremely dynamic and enjoyable way to burn up extra calories. If you are already familiar with dance, it is a great opportunity to pick up on a new genre or brush up on something you are already familiar with. In case you are a non-dancer, just focus on moving to the music and you will have a great time!

    A dance cardio workout can burn up roughly 800 calories in just an hour! A lot of dance cardio studios pick dance forms derived from or related to South American dance forms like Salsa and Bachata. Coupled with peppy tunes and a great beat, these dances are well known as efficient calorie burners. For example, ballroom dancing (usually Salsa) can easily burn 600-800 calories in just an hour’s practice!

    Calories burned in dancing 30 minutes and 1 hour by 180-pound person

    Dancing, METsper minute15 Minutes30 Minutes60 Minutes
    Dancing, ballet, modern, or jazz, general, rehearsal or class57107214429
    Dancing, ballet, modern, or jazz, performance, vigorous effort6.810146291583
    Dancing, tap4.87103206411
    Dancing, aerobic, general7.310156313626
    Dancing, aerobic, step, with 6 - 8 inch step7.511161321643
    Dancing, aerobic, step, with 10 - 12 inch step9.514204407814
    Dancing, aerobic, step, with 4-inch step5.58118236472
    Dancing, bench step class, general8.512182364729
    Dancing, aerobic, low impact57107214429
    Dancing, aerobic, high impact7.310156313626
    Dancing, aerobic dance wearing 10-15 lb weights1014214429857
    Dancing, ethnic or cultural dancing (e.g., Greek, Middle Eastern, hula, salsa, merengue, bamba y plena, flamenco, belly, and swing)4.5696193386
    Dancing, ballroom, fast5.58118236472
    Dancing, general dancing (e.g., disco, folk, Irish step dancing, line dancing, polka, contra, country)7.811167334669
    Dancing, ballroom dancing, competitive, general11.316242484969
    Dancing, , slow (e.g., waltz, foxtrot, slow dancing, samba, tango, 19th century dance, mambo, cha cha)3464129257
    Dancing, Anishinaabe Jingle Dancing5.58118236472
    Caribbean dance (Abakua, Beguine, Bellair, Bongo, Brukin's, Caribbean Quadrills, Dinki Mini, Gere, Gumbay, Ibo, Jonkonnu, Kumina, Oreisha, Jambu)3.5575150300

    Just Dance calories

    According tothe study, calories burned from Just Dance are less than the dance-based fitness class. Just Dance has a METs value of 2.75 for females. This means that a 180-pound woman can burn around 4 calories per minute and around 118 calories in 30 minutes of Just Dance calories. The number of calories burned from Just Dance is related to your weight, and duration.

    Calories burned pole dancing

    According to The University of Western Australia, a 143-pound (65 kg) person can burn up to 287 calories in 60 minutes of pole dancing.
    Of course, the results also depend on some individual factors, such as body-weight and the exercise time in pole dancing. You can calculate the calories burned from pole dancing here.

    What health benefits does Dance Cardio offer?

    Dance Cardio offers a number of health benefits. The styles offered by dance cardio classes are usually fast-paced. Although they can exhaust you in very short periods of time, you will gradually become stronger and feel your stamina rise. It also builds your endurance and strength.

    Dance Cardio is a fantastic choice if you want to lose weight. The full-body movements in it burns your calories and fat very quickly.

    Doing a Dance Cardio session forces your lungs to work a lot harder. As your body is moving at a high pace and rhythm, it demands more oxygen. To meet this demand, your heart and lungs work a lot harder, increasing your lung capacity, or what we call respiratory efficiency. It makes your diaphragm stronger, helping your overall breathing capacity. It also strengthens and tones your muscles. Dance Cardio keeps your cholesterol levels in check. It keeps your arteries clear and maintains healthy blood vessels.

    Dance Cardio has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. You meet new people in a class, and bond with them over movements that you do together. It can be extremely empowering to sway to the rhythm like a child with a bunch of other people!

    Is it possible to lose weight through Dance Cardio?

    Yes, it is! As mentioned earlier, Dance Cardio sessions can help your body lose up to 800 calories in just an hour. It helps you lose weight in all your problem areas, as it is a full-body workout. It is an incredible way to lose weight and burn up calories. There are reports of women who said that they have lost over 50 pounds with Zumba. Most people who try out Dance Cardio believe that they will choose it over the gym any day.

    Is there a variety of Dance Cardio that I might try out to break the monotony?

    Yes! Zumba, Masala Bhangra, Ballroom Dancing, Belly Dancing, Jazzercise – you would be amazed at how many conventional and unconventional options Dance Cardio includes.
    Zumba is perhaps the most popular of all of these right now. It combines Latin, International and Salsa music with some very energetic dance moves. It significantly reduces stress, tones your entire body and gives you fast results. Zumba is perfectly suitable for all ages and easy enough for non-dancers as well.

    Given the high levels of popularity enjoyed by Zumba, it is also super easy to find Zumba classes or find yourself Zumba training videos to self-train at home.

    Is it possible to build muscle through Dance Cardio?

    Dance Cardio can be very effective resistance training, that is, it can help you build muscles. Mahri Relin, founder of Body Conceptions in New York City says, “Classes have become more serious about the sculpting aspect”. A lot of studios compulsorily feature at least one strength training section within the whole routine. While some use resistance bands or utilise your body-weight to offer resistance, others rely on Pilates balls, gliding discs and light weights.
    You will move your body in new ways and use muscles you did not even know existed! The thorough nature of cardio dance moves will ensure that not a single set of muscles is left out in your training.

    Can I do Dance Cardio even if I have two left feet?

    That is one of the best parts of Dance Cardio – anybody can do it! They are less about perfecting choreography than about moving your body in new ways that you are not used to. A lot of times, worrying too much about perfecting your moves actually results in missing out on the actual experience of it. You need to lose yourself to the dance and the music. Own your mistakes – if you make a mistake, there is no need to be shy. Instead, make it your unique style.
    Additionally, with so many kinds of dance cardio coming up, you can now find one that suits your needs and preferences perfectly!

    What are some tips for an absolute beginner?

    First of all, resist your urge to hide. Stand in the front row. You will get a clear view of your instructor, instead of copying from classmates standing ahead.

    A very useful tip – learn the footwork first. Do not worry about the arm movements. Arm movements tend to derive more naturally from the way the rest of your body is moving. Watch the ground so that you can pick up the footsteps first. Once you are through with it, start working towards moving your upper body to the rhythm.

    Learn to ignore the mirror. Watch the instructor’s back instead of watching the mirror. Imitating steps is easier when you watch their back, as your brain will not have to reverse the direction of each move. Watching yourself in the mirror while you dance may lead you to feel too self-conscious about your own moves. Monitoring your moves on the mirror is great for when the priority is to have correct form, unlike in this class. With Dance cardio it is all about feeling confident and energetic in your own skin!