Calories burned shoveling snow

let’s say you weigh around 150-lbs (about 68 kg). Shoveling snow (moderate effort) will burn around 6.307 calories per minute, and he can expect to burn around 189 calories in 30 minutes of manual clearing snow.

Approximate calories used (burned) by a 165-pound man

 snow shoveling,
by hand,
moderate effort
snow shoveling,
by hand,
vigorous effort
snow blower,
and pushing
Per minute6.99.83.2
15 minutes10414749
30 minutes20829598
45 minutes312442147
1 hour416589196

what should you pay attention to when shoveling snow?

shoveling snow by hand under severe snow conditions was considered to be strenuous physical work, not suitable for persons with cardiac risk factors (The combination of physical overstrain and inhalation of cold air may lead to cutaneous vasoconstriction and consequently to higher cardiac afterload.[1].), but which may serve as a way of physical exercise in healthy individuals. [2]

In addition, the findings of some study indicated that snow shoveling has repeatedly been associated with increased cardiovascular events soon after major snowstorms. [3]

Thus, persons with cardiac risk factors have to be careful in the session of shoveling snow.


A study published in 2019, revealed that Estimated VO2 in the total work period of manual clearing of snow ranged from 5.3 to 7.7 METs.[4]

It is quite clear that these intensities are classified as a moderate or vigorous exercise intensity category.

Calculate the calories burned shoveling snow

Below is a calculator for calculating the number of calories burned in shoveling snow.

The METs value are from 2011 Compendium of Physical Activities.[5]

Calories Burned Shoveling Snow Calculator


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