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    It is no doubt that most people need some bits of motivation to be consistent with doing more exercise. One of the many ways to boost people’s morale concerning their exercise routine is by bringing to their knowledge the number of calories they burn per each move. Hence, we’ve decided to bring this piece to enlighten you and make you understand certain things you might not know about burning calories by doing sit-ups.
    Sit-up is a core exercise popularly practiced among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders due to its effect on the abs and the rate at which it can burn calories in the body when doing it. Sit-ups can be done without the utilization of any fitness equipment and still will produce desired results.
    This core exercise has been discovered to strengthen abs, in addition to which it can also burn some calories. Provided it is done the right way and at the right level of intensity.

    Factors that can affect sit-ups calorie burned

    The number of calories burned by an individual when doing sit-ups varies, and these variations depend on some factors. However, at the same time, these factors will produce different results for different individuals at the varying duration of the exercise.
    Many factors contribute to the number of calories that are burned. According to several certified nutrition coaches and personal trainers, the elements were identified to be the following.
    1. Metabolism: this is made up of age, sex, height, and body weight.
    2. The Exercise intensity
    3. The Duration of exercise.

    The intensity of the exercise, however, matters the most compared to others.

    How many calories does 50 sit-ups burn?

    Here’s amount of calories burned chart during doing sit-ups for a person weighing 190 pounds.

    Number of
    25 /min30 /min35 /min40 /min

    Just like I have explained earlier above, that the number of calories concerning the number of sit-ups done varies and is dependent on the factors earlier mentioned. However, if a 190-pounds person did sit-ups at a moderate effort without rest for about 10 minutes, he burned up to 56 calories. In the same time, he can burn 119 calories while doing sit-ups at a vigorous effort.

    Subsequently, by putting the bodyweight into consideration, if you weigh less than 190 lbs, lesser calories will be burned. In the same way, if you weigh more than 190 lbs, you will be able to burn more calories only by doing sit-ups.

    Nevertheless, if you (Assume that weight is about 190-pounds) are to do one-hour sit-ups at a stretch, it is estimated that you can burn up to 718 calories. Therefore, 20 sit-ups, which shouldn’t take up to 40 secs to complete, can burn about three calories or less.

    With the above information at our disposal, we can quickly estimate the number of calories burned per sit-up. Hence, for one sit-up, just a little or no calories can be consumed. To be precise, you can only burn just about half or a third of calories from each sit-up.

    A hundred sit-ups can be assumed to be completed in roughly three minutes. Within or in three minutes, about 40 calories can be burned after doing a hundred sit-ups.

    Sit-ups calories burned per minute

    It was estimated that an average healthy person (165-pounds) doing sit-ups at a vigorous effort burn 10 calories while per minute.

    According to Corrected METs – Compendium of Physical Activities, sit-up at vigorous effort per hour has a MET value of 8.0. This means that a person doing sit-ups will consume 8 times energy expenditure than he rest quietly.

    METs x 3.5 x Weight( kilograms) / 200 = sit-ups calories burned per minute.
    For example, you may want to ask, how many calories does a 150-pounds person doing at a moderate effort burn per minute? Using this sit-ups calories burned formula, it’s an easy thing to estimate. 150 pounds is equal about 68 kilograms. The MET value is 3.8 for a moderate effort. The calories burned during doing sit-ups is: 3.8 x 3.5 x 68 /200 = 4.5 calories per minute.

    How many sit-ups to burn 500 or 1000 calories?

    Still basing our estimations on the initial results we had above, where about 4.5 calories were burned by doing 30 sit-ups in one minutes at a stretch. In this vein, we can then calculate the number of sit-ups that can/should be done to burn 1000 calories from the body.
    Therefore, since about 4.5 calories can be burned by doing 30 sit-ups, 1000 calories can be consumed by doing approximately 6667 sit-ups non-stop. And 6667 sit-ups can take up to about 222 minutes to complete (an avarage data: 30 sit-ups per mintue). That’s a whole lot of hard work to embark on. Meanwhile, with the right mindset and determination, it’s not impossible. Obviously, you burn 100 calories while doing 667 sit-ups. And so onin a similar fashion, 200, 300 and 500 calories aslo are easy to be calculated.

    I will like to reiterate that the results discussed so far are just estimations and are not the exact results you’d get by doing sit-ups based on the factors discussed earlier.

    how many sit-ups to lose 1 pound?

    Losing weight is an eternal topic. We want to maintain health, so losing belly fat is must. Generally, it was agreed that a person needs to burn about 3500 calories to lose one pound. This begs the question, just how many sit-ups should a you does to get this result? There are some assumptions: moderate effort (METs value is 3.8), 30 sit-ups per minute and 150-pounds weight. That’s about 23310 sit-ups by way of calculations, and that’s a lot of work.
    Conclusively, sit-ups are one of excellent way to burn excess fat accumulation from the body. Nevertheless, when compared with aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, it tends to take more time and results not as encouraging.
    Hence, sit-ups can help you burn calories, but it’s not the most efficient way.
    In fact, many research paper shows plank exercises burn more calories than sit-ups or crunches. According to, Sit-ups or crunches strengthen just a few muscle groups. So choosing plank exercises is better.

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