Calories Burned Sleeping vs. Standing vs. Sitting vs. Lying in bed

How many calories do you burn while sleeping, sitting, standing, or lying in bed?

The amount of calories burned in a session depends on your weight, metabolic capacity, and duration time, even gender.

A person weighing 150 pounds who is standing quietly for 30 minutes, will burn 46 Calories.

The same person can burn around 34 calories in 30 minutes of sleep, 46 calories in 30 minutes of sitting quietly or lying in bed awake.

According to the 2011 Adult Compendium of Physical Activities, sitting and standing quietly has a MET value of 1.3 (≤1.5 MET). It was classified into light activity, and sitting or lying were considered sedentary behavior.

Calories burned per minute = (MET x your weight in Kg x 3.5) ÷ 200;

For example, a 165-pound (74.8 kg) person will burn around 75 calories ( (0.95 x 165 x 0.453 x 3.5 / 200) x 60 ) in 1 hour of sleep.

Approximate calories burned by a 200-pound man

Physical Activities METsPer minute15 minutes30 minutes1 hour
lying quietly and
watching television
lying quietly,
doing nothing,
lying in bed awake,
listening to music
(not talking or reading)
sitting quietly and
watching television
sitting quietly, general1.323162124
sitting quietly, fidgeting,
general, fidgeting hands
sitting, fidgeting feet1.82.84386171
sitting, smoking1.323162124
sitting, listening to music
(not talking or reading)
or watching a movie in a theater
sitting at a desk,
resting head in hands
standing quietly,
standing in a line
standing, fidgeting1.82.84386171
reclining, writing1.323162124
reclining, talking or
talking on phone
reclining, reading1.323162124

Calculate Calories burned sitting,sleeping,standing and lying by weight


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    The risk of sedentary behavior

    sedentary behavior is defined as any waking behavior that requires low energy expenditure (≤1.5 MET) such as prolonged sitting, reclining or lying down. [1]

    Please note that the definition of sedentary behavior includes both energy expenditure and postural elements.

    Thus, standing quietly, prolonged sitting,lying in bed are all classified into sedentary behavior.

    •  Sedentary behavior (SB) and physical inactivity (PI) are major modifiable cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. [1]
    • Mentally passive sedentary behaviors, such as watching television, could increase the risk of depression.[2]
    • Total sitting time volumes >8 h and 6 h/day were associated with increased risk of all-cause death and ( cardiovascular disease) CV death, respectively.[3]
    • For TV viewing time, an increased risk for all-cause and CV mortality was strongest above levels of 3–4 h/day, regardless of PA level.[4]
    • Adults spending more than 10 h per day sedentary have been reported to have an almost 30% greater risk for premature death compared with those who spend less than 6 h per day sedentary.[5]
    • Sedentary time was unfavourably associated with insulin, HOMA-IR and triglycerides.[6]
    • Physical activity partly attenuates the deleterious associations between total sitting time and all-cause mortality, especially in those in the highest sitting time category.[8]

    To counteract the premature mortality risks associated with too much sitting, adults need to participate in an estimated 60 min or more of daily moderate to vigorous intensity activity.[7]

    To reduce your risk of early death, please reduce sitting,standing and lying time!